Everything You Need to Know About Corgis

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If you’re planning to get a dog, there might be numerous things you have to consider before owning one. You should have the budget, a safe and suitable environment, and you should know how to properly take care of a dog, such as getting vaccinations, prioritizing flea and tick protection, and, of course, being a loving and gentle owner.

You will instantly know when a dog’s breed is corgi due to its distinctive colors: brown and white, fluffy fur, short stature, and big, furry butts. Corgis are a cute, friendly dog breed that originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales. In fact, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the original name for this breed, and these dogs are commonly known to be pets for the United Kingdom’s royal family.

A corgi might be a good choice of dog breed to choose as a pet. In fact, these dogs are a popular breed due to their adorable and fluffy appearance plus their playful, friendly, and outgoing personalities. Not to mention, their ears are much more adorable when they stand up! Below are some of the things you need to know about them.

Life Span

A corgi’s life span can range from 12–15 years. But of course, a corgi’s lifespan will vary depending on its owner’s management, environment, and health. This breed’s lifespan can be considered long, which is a great reason for choosing this breed. Another fact is that most of the small breeds can actually live longer than the bigger ones, and most of the female corgis actually live longer by 2 years than the male ones.


The meal schedule of your corgi actually varies depending on their age.

  1. 2-4 months: 4 meals a day.
  2. 4-6 months: 3 meals a day.
  3. 6-8 months: 2 meals a day
  4. 8 months up: 1-2 meals a day

When feeding your pet corgi, you should know that a sudden change in the brand of their meals can actually affect their stomach. When your corgi is already used to its food, gradually mix the old and new food so their stomach won’t be upset. Bear in mind to educate yourself about what foods are prohibited for dogs so you can protect your pet from illnesses.


As we all know, corgis have double coats, which means their fur can be so thick! Regularly brushing your dog can reduce the mess of their fur around your house and the heat that they feel. The spring and fall seasons are actually the periods of time wherein these dogs actually shed a lot, so as an owner, you should be ready for this grooming process. Your corgi’s bath should be once or twice a month, depending on their odor. You can also trim your corgi’s nails when they have grown too long. Lastly, remember to check your dog from time to time in case of any allergies, infections, or fleas to maintain your dog’s cleanliness.


Corgis are playful, energetic dogs who love to socialize. They are also great watchdogs for you and your family, with their loud barks! Corgis will surely provide you with awesome entertainment as they sometimes tend to be the center of attention and are eager to follow you around. You shouldn’t keep your corgi alone for a long time, as they are pets who want to be attached to their owners often and might get anxious. Overall, the personalities of these dogs are a great reason why you should have one!

Training and Exercise

According to research, Corgis are one of the world’s smartest dog breeds. Hence, it is good to train them. Since corgis tend to be so energetic and playful, teaching them commands and how to obey them can be beneficial. However, if you train them, it is important that you are firm in your tone. But remember not to be harsh!

As mentioned, corgis are energetic dogs with a lot of stamina. Exercising can be a great way of bonding with them. You can take them to the park, walk them in the city, let them run around your lawn, or play with them for at least an hour or two of exercise. In fact, regardless of what breed you own, they all need physical activity.

Corgis are affectionate dogs that can be your source of happiness and entertainment, and there is no doubt that they are loyal too. But regardless of whatever breed you choose as a pet, it is most important to be knowledgeable about your dog and to evaluate yourself if you really deserve to be an owner.